Streaming Equipment Based on your Budget

Becoming a video streamer can be costly due to the need for various equipment. To help you make informed decisions when purchasing streaming equipment, we have prepared a price guide.

Budget-Friendly Live Streaming Equipment:

  • Camera: You can start live streaming using your smartphone, as most modern smartphones have built-in cameras suitable for live broadcasting. If you need a new phone for streaming or want to upgrade, consider the Moto G7 for $299, or the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for $1,199, which offers excellent camera quality.

  • Microphone: Smartphones already have built-in microphones, but if you want to enhance your audio, consider an external microphone. However, for budget-friendly streaming, the smartphone's built-in microphone will suffice.

  • Lighting: For cost-effective lighting, natural lighting is the best option. Pay attention to your filming location to ensure good lighting conditions. The sun can highlight your stream's topics, but be mindful of the perspective. Natural lighting is dependent on weather and time of day.

Streaming Equipment at a Medium Price Tag:

  • Camera: Investing in a high-quality video camera can significantly enhance your streaming setup. The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is a great choice with a 20.3 MP lens and the ability to handle 4K video at 60 frames per second. It offers excellent quality at a reasonable price, starting from $1,299.

  • Microphone: Audio quality is crucial for a professional live broadcast. The Blue Yeti USB microphone is a versatile option suitable for various types of broadcasts. It is reasonably priced at $129.

  • Lighting: While natural lighting is good, purchasing a lighting kit provides more control over lighting conditions. The Neewer CN-216 LED lighting kit is an affordable option at $41.99. It includes adjustable tripod supports and color filters for LED lights.

  • Encoder: To stream on your website or a live streaming platform, you will need an encoder. For beginners, software encoders are a suitable choice. Streamlabs OBS is an excellent open-source broadcasting program available for free on Windows and Mac OS. It handles encoding requirements and offers additional features like social widgets, filters, transitions, and overlays.

Streaming Equipment for Professional Streamers:

  • Camera: The Panasonic AG-CX350 is a feature-rich 4K camera suitable for professional streamers. It can record at 60 frames per second in UHD and 120 frames per second in standard HD. With two SD card slots and long battery life, it offers convenience for long stream sessions.

  • Microphone: The Razer Seiren Elite is a top-notch microphone for live streaming. It is compact, removable, and comes with a built-in foam windshield for outdoor use.

  • Lighting: For professional lighting, consider a complete, professional, and portable lighting kit with energy-saving lights.

In conclusion, the choice of streaming equipment depends on your budget and streaming goals. Regardless of your budget, we recommend using VDO Panel as your streaming panel, as it can provide the necessary assistance to elevate your streams to the next level.

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